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cgv.jpg Computer Graphics And Visualization:
METU Computer Graphics and Visualization Research Group (CGV) is formed to study various research areas of computer graphics and visualization in 1996. More specifically CGV has been involved in the following specific research areas: Game Technologies: massively multiplayer online games, serious games, architectures; Geometrical Modeling: multiresolution, virtual sculpting; Global Illumination and Rendering: ray tracing and radiosity, occlusion culling; GPU Programming: gpu ray casting, volume rendering, smoke generation; Modeling and Simulation: C4ISR systems, agent based simulations, driving simulators; Visualization for different domains: volumetric objects, bioinformatics, cultural heritage, military and road safety. read more...

Senior Design Projects

L'Reseau is a secure system which allows its users to form a MANET and share their position information. It consists of a PC and a Zigbee device and a GPS module.
The position information of the user is obtained from the GPS module and broad-casted with the other information of the user and the information gathered from the other users. All the information is encrypted before being sent.
The communication between the nodes is provided by the Zigbee device.
Having a generic description, the system is applicable to many areas such as communication inside combat troops, emergency rescue operations, space exploration and environmental monitoring.

Computer Club: This month in e-bergi

e-bergi is a Turkish online magazine prepared by Computer Club

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