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Evolutionary Computing Group:
Evolutionary Computing is a field of Computing Science where solution to problems are evolved and breed by means of Darwinian principles of natural selection. For each problem, the technique includes the art of

  • determining a computerized representation of the solution,
  • setting up a fitness function that quantitatively evaluates the quality of a candidate solution,
  • establishing a breed mechanism, that breeds new candidate solutions from the existing ones, based on their fitness value,
  • and determining which candidate solution individual has to die or live to see the next generation (in other words will be kept in the candidate solution pool or removed from it).


Senior Design Projects

wfjj.jpg HealthCOM is the integrated applications of two MIDlets which have the ability of 3G video conference for all Java supported mobile phones and a web application which maintain the whole system, enables users to

  • Send complaint forms,
  • View previously sent complaint forms,
  • 3G emergency video conference between doctor and patient,

and enables doctors to

  • See the complaints list of patients,
  • Edit statue of the patient cases,
  • Report back to the patient about complaints.


Alumni Spotlight

spot.jpg The research interests of Tuğrul Dayar, who has been working in the Department of Computer Engineering of Bilkent University since 1995, are in the areas of performance modeling/analysis and scientific computing with applications to bioinformatics and computer networks. read more...

Computer Club: This month in e-bergi

e-bergi is a Turkish online magazine prepared by Computer Club

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