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SRDC - Software Research And Development Center:
The Software Research and Development Center (SRDC) was established by the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) in October 1991 and is operating under the Faculty of Engineering in METU.

The aims of this centre are twofold: to lead large-scale software research and development projects and to foster international co-operation. SRDC is involved in a number of research and development projects supported by the government, industrial companies, international organizations and the European Commission. METU-SRDC has expertise on Semantic Web Technologies, Web Services, Ontologies, P2P networks, Agent Technologies, Semantic Interoperability, e-Health, Sensor Networks and GRID Systems. read more...

Senior Design Projects

Sehir Cobani is a kind of GPS (Global Positioning System) software with extra capabilities. Our system is capable of communicating with other Sehir Cobani systems using ad-hoc network structure. This provides many capabilities to our system such as;

  • Managing crossroads
  • Detecting traffic density
  • Transporting accident information
  • Warning drivers about optimal following distance
  • Assisting to overtake

Sehir Cobani is capable of storing some statistical data about overall traffic structure. Sehir Cobani can warn drivers about the emergency service numbers when an accident occurs in case of drivers cannot remember. Sehir Cobani helps the driver in crossroads. The position of the all the cars getting closer to the crossroads is shown and situation is ruled with the warning messages displayed to the drivers. Sehir Cobani also helps the driver in overtaking situation by calculating the distance with the car which is on the opposite lane. In addition, the speed of the car at opposite lane is shown to the driver in the map so that he/she can make a safer overtaking. Sehir Cobani has an additional part for the Police Station and Emergency services to handle the accidents occurred. The emergency services are informed about the accidents with ad-hoc network structure and so that the emergency services can get the accident position and reach the accident place and help to the people. read more...

Alumni Spotlight

spot.jpg Aykut Erdem is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Dept. of Computer Science at University of Venice "Ca' Foscari", participating in SIMBAD - Beyond Features: Similarity-Based Pattern Analysis and Recognition project. His main research interests are computer vision and pattern recognition. read more...

Computer Club: This month in e-bergi

e-bergi is a Turkish online magazine prepared by Computer Club

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