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Data Mining Group:
Data mining can be defined as extraction of interesting knowledge hidden in the data. There are different types of interesting patterns and several different approaches are used for extraction of these patterns, such as classification, clustering and association rule mining. In our department research on data mining is basically focused on multi-relational data mining and web mining. Recent research efforts concentrate on exploitation of semantic information for web mining and multi-relational data mining in order to generate more refined and semantic patterns. read more...

Senior Design Projects

YGAlib YGAlib - A parallel genetic algorithms library: YGAlib is a library based on GAlib. It aims to provide parallelization of genetic algorithms in GAlib hidden from the user. The library is designed to be used by multiprocessor systems (such as METU CENG HPC) by taking advantage of the parallel processors performance. The parallelization is hidden by means of hiding the intercommunication and synchronization of parallel processors during the coding phase of genetic algorithm. The user is able to code for parallel computers with YGAlib, very similar to writing a sequential code using GAlib, with the abstraction that YGAlib will provide .


Alumni Spotlight

spot.jpg Melih is the Corporate Affairs Manager for Intel Turkey. He is responsible for developing and implementing Intel’s social responsibility programs in the area of education and entrepreneurship. read more...

Computer Club: This month in e-bergi

e-bergi is a Turkish online magazine prepared by Computer Club

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