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Grid Computing Group:
Grid Computing is emerging as a next-generation high-performance computing platform driven by the Internet, Web services technologies, and service-oriented computing architectures, based on open systems and protocols. Grids enable the sharing, selection, and aggregation of geographically distributed resources, such as computers, data sources, scientific instruments, researches, and researchers as a unified set of resources for solving large-scale problems in science, engineering, and commerce. read more...

Senior Design Projects

Watch & Touch: The aim of Watch & Touch is to create a complete, free & open source, multi‐platform, interactive whiteboard system which supports multi‐touch gestures, complemented by an in‐classroom collaborative working client to increase student participation in classroom activities. Hardware and software solutions targeting these have existed for many years, especially as an integrated part of “smart class” solutions, but deployment is not widespread (only 2 smart classes in METU) due to their high cost (around a thousand dollars[2] for interactive whiteboard units not including the projector, and much higher costs for complete smart class solutions).read more...


Alumni Spotlight

spot.jpg Aykut Erdem is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Dept. of Computer Science at University of Venice "Ca' Foscari", participating in SIMBAD - Beyond Features: Similarity-Based Pattern Analysis and Recognition project. His main research interests are computer vision and pattern recognition. read more...

Computer Club: This month in e-bergi

e-bergi is a Turkish online magazine prepared by Computer Club

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