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ASCII Kovan Research Lab:
KOVAN Research Lab. is a centre for state-of-the-art autonomous robotics research. Being already known for its expertise in “Swarm Robotics” and through its participation in EU-funded projects, KOVAN research lab has taken a mission to be the “centre of excellence” in robotics research and is also continuously building its expertise in “Cognitive Robotics”. read more...

Senior Design Projects

TRASTRAPS: It sounds like troops are coming behind, actually yes it is a warfare simulator where you can feel the real battlefield. TRASTRAPS is the abbreviation of Training and Strategical Planning Simulator. As it can be understood from its name, it both provides training of soldiers in the virtual environment with realistic vehicle models and strategical planning for commanders to try out possible tactical scenarios. Looking at base properties that the simulator will satisfy, first one is High Level Architecture based communication. Others are 3D simulation environment, scenario creation and unit modeling, agents with artificial intelligence and the last one is the hierarchy of units, systems and missions.

Computer Club: This month in e-bergi

e-bergi is a Turkish online magazine prepared by Computer Club

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